Kids & HorsePlay Camp February


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2020 Kids & HorsePlay day program is held during February Recess and runs from 10am to 2pm starting Monday February 17th and finishes Friday February 21st at Castle Creek Farms Equestrian, LLC located at 3760 Rush Mendon Road (Route 251) in Mendon, NY.

The program:

Our Kids & HorsePlay Day Program offers kids with a fun and exciting week long horsey getaway series. This series provides a simplistic approach for kids to easily attain a fun well rounded equestrian education through safe hands on experience in an interactive group and individual setting for all to enjoy, learn, and grow.

• Monday to Friday
• 10AM to 2PM
• Bring your own lunch and snacks
• Dressed for Winter Weather with a change of clothes for both indoor and outdoor activities
• Boys and Girls
• 5 – 16 years of age
• Request for Special Considerations Accepted

* Horse Care Management and Horsemanship
* Riding Instruction
* Games and Activities
* Rest and Leisure

Program Enrollment Fee is $250 for the week

Enrollment is Limited to the first 10 kids with completed Online Registration.

Have Questions? Contact Us by calling or texting (585)433-5882 or email

“Kids & HorsePlay February 2019”

Founded on the ideals where both fun and safety is key. We share our understanding that horses without judgement can easily show us the way towards finding enjoyment and fulfillment while developing a greater sense of appreciation and respect through compassion and responsibility.