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Equestrian Sports Specialist & Industry Expert Michael Celso  set the bar high in his  commitment bring forth a positive change while working to help make a difference to improve upon all the lives of those with  whom he comes in contact with and to lead by example by adhering to his commitment to operating from a standard of  personal excellence, that is not just founded on achieving the results alone but is equally rooted in compassion and integrity... 

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  Truly Unique and Unparalleled, Michael Celso easily fuels and inspires all  those around him while he happily offers up his talents and gifts with a commitment  to assist others to share his passion and joy for the sport . 

   As  a well-rounded horseman and humanitarian  Michael is very understanding and easily relate-able having experienced such a  vast  and  extensive array of personal lessons gained through life's experiences. though this not only insures a wealth of knowledge and know-how but speaks to his ability to create a level of comfort to those around him.  


  • Exceptional Instruction, Coaching, Training, and Development Services
  • Outstanding Sport Horse Prospect Sales & Brokering
  • Equestrian Sports Clinics , Improved Skills Teaching and Training Workshops, and Animal Communication Lectures,
  •  Industry Consulting and Strategic Business Solutions,

  •  Career Path Direction, Development and Care Management


 Contact us for information on coaching, training, lessons, showing and sales brokering.